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Welcome to Keighley's Jewellers in Brantford, if you're here you're likely thinking about potentially purchasing an engagement ring for a special person in your life.

At Keighley's Jewellers, we know that your engagement and wedding is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make, as a symbol of your love and commitment. That why here at Keighley's Jewellers, we take as much pride, care, and time to ensure you find the perfect ring.

Regardless of whether you're looking to purchase a ring out of the display case or you're looking to have a custom ring made, here at Keighley's Jewellers we have what you're looking for.

Are You Looking For a Custom Engagement Ring?

Beautiful Gold Engagement Ring - The Gold Factory - BrantfordAt Keighley's Jewellers, we have a Goldsmith on the premises with over 40 years experience. Meaning even if we don't have the perfect ring in store, we can work with you in designing the perfect ring, with the perfect setting, and stone to ensure you're thrilled with the result.

To help ensure you pick the perfect ring, we've created a little guide where we will walk you through the 5 steps to pick the perfect engagement ring. Click the button below to learn more...

5 Steps To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring

5 Steps To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring

Here are The Gold Factory in Brantford, our job is to help educate and guide you, so you can select the perfect engagement ring. It's for that reason, we've put together five steps to help you pick the perfect ring.

Step #1 - Defining a budget

Classic, radiant and eternal, a diamond engagement ring is meant to last forever. Only you can decide how much to spend, and it is important to clearly define your budget.

How Much Should You Spend on Engagement Rings?

There is no right or wrong answer. Rather, the answer varies according to your personal finances and what you think is appropriate for spending on an engagement ring, Naturally, you would want the highest quality, most inexpensive engagement ring you can find.

Step #2 - Choosing A Setting

You might want to begin your ring search by choosing settings that fits your soon to be fiance's taste, character and lifestyle. Notice the jewelry she wears from day to day. Is it gold, silver, or white gold? Does she prefer pearls, diamonds or gemstones? Get a sense of her personal taste by asking friends and family.

Step #3 - Choosing A Metal

Yellow Gold: Traditional. The most common engagement ring metal. More malleable and susceptible to damage. Less expensive.

White Gold: Classic, yet modern. More malleable and susceptible to damage than platinum, slightly more durable than yellow gold.

Step #4 - Choosing A Diamond

Finally, it time to choose the centerpiece diamond. The diamond is the focal point of the engagement ring and the greatest part of your investment. Define the characteristics that you find are the most important and work within your budget. We invite you to visit our our store in Brantford if you would like to look at our diamonds in person.

Step #5 - Deciding On The Right Time To Ask

When it comes to deciding on the right time to ask the big question - the decision is entirely up to you. However, It's important to always keep your partners feelings in mind. Would they appreciate being asked in public? Or would they prefer a more private setting. Make this special time about them and you can feel confident when you ask.

Congratulation on making the decision to take this next step.

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