See How Keighley's Jewellers Puts You First...

At the Keighley's Jewellers in Brantford our utmost concern is helping YOU find the perfect piece of jewelry. We believe in educating our clients,  and teaching them how to choose the ring, necklace, earings, watch or any other piece of jewelery that is just right for them.

Below are a few of the ways Keighley's Jewellers makes sure YOU get taken care of...

#1 - Zero Sales-Pressure Environment

In many jewelry stores, the clerk or attendant hovers over you and often times uses pressure to try and sell you whatever you're looking at, so they can make a quick commission.

At Keighley's Jewellers, we believe in creating a zero sales pressure environment where you can feel comfortable looking, examining, and discussing your specific needs, where we help, guide, assist and educate you in finding the exact piece of jewelry for YOU.

#2 - Honest Pricing

It's very common in the jewelry industry for some to sell undervalued items at overvalued prices. Here at Keighley's Jewellers in Brantford, we will work with you to ensure you stay within your budget, and get the most value for what you are paying.

#3 - You Get Real Experience

Rather than buying your jewelry off a clerk who got hired a few months ago, at Keighley's Jewellers you get over 100+ years of jewelry experience. This means you get real answers to your questions and concerns, rather than a canned sales pitch.

#4 - Custom Craftmanship and Work

Where at many jewelry stores your choices of items are limited to what's in the "book". At Keighley's Jewellers we still do things the old way - Custom hand crafted jewelry - meaning, any change modification or custom designs can be completed in-store to ensure the end result goes beyond your exact expectations.

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